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Bronze Package $545*

  1. Pre-Production
    • Create Itinerary/Shot List
  2. # Skills Videotaping
  3. Editing
  4. Two (2) Reviews
  5. Upload to YouTube &
  6. Group Discount: Call

Silver Package $645*

  1. Pre-Production
    • Create Itinerary/Shot List
  2. # Skills Videotaping
  3. Interview with athlete
  4. Interview with coach
    • Athlete responsible for securing interview
  5. Editing
  6. Two (2) Reviews
  7. Upload to YouTube
  8. Group Discount: Call

Gold Package $745*

  1. Pre-Production
    • Create Itinerary/Shot List
  2. # Skills Videotaping
  3. Game footage (TVVP)
  4. Game footage supplied by athlete
  5. Interview with athlete/coach
  6. Editing
  7. Two (2) Reviews
  8. Upload to YouTube
  9. Group Discount: Call






























* 1 or 2 fielding positions. Additional position(s) add $95 per position. # Skills video includes (but not restricted to): 1 or 2 fielding positions (all angles); Hitting; Fast-paced open; Introduction and/or bio page with key statistics, awards and stats.; Interview answers under video (if chosen); Contact Page (See examples under “Videos”) = 2 games (3 games if necessary) at discretion of Top Prospect at no extra cost. $150 per game after 3 games. Footage provided and plays chosen by client – up to 30 plays. $50/hour if Top Prospect searches through video and chooses plays. Includes slow motion, arrow indicators, and replay effects.

Additional Options

Additional Videography beyond packages: $150 per game
Additional Editing beyond packages: $95 per hour

Additional Costs

SD Card (if given to client following game/shoot): $20
Gas mileage (round trip): 0-10 miles=N/C; 10-20 miles=$15; 20-40 miles=$20; 40-60 miles=$25; 60+ miles=$.50 per mile

The Fine Print

In the interest of full disclosure, Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC has taken itself out of the organizing loop, and leave all the procurement of the field, equipment, personnel, entry fee for TPVP video crew etc. to the party or organization interested in the videos. If you have a particular coach you work with, it might be a good idea to have him or her there. You will need a coach type person to hit balls to the players, and may need a catcher should anyone want to pitch. If you need to turn double plays etc., you will need those fielders in position. Once scheduled, we show up and do our part.

Additionally, a video, injury, and general release must be signed prior to filming. Release form can be found under the “Forms” tab.

Official Copyright and Content Use Policy by Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC: We do not and cannot use any copyrighted music for any video we produce. Also, any and all photography and or videography produced by any third party other than the parents or athlete, must be accompanied by a letter/email of permission sent to Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC by the client/producer in order for us to use on any client video. We apologize for any inconvenience, but our policy protects both our clients and our company. Thank you for understanding.

Standard Turnaround time for a Recruitment Video is 2-3 weeks after the final footage is received. If a quicker turnaround is needed, rush fees of 25-50% may apply, depending on when the recruitment video is needed.

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