DaleAtWorkNow is the best time for serious student-athletes to put together their recruitment materials including a professional recruitment video.  Check out these Packages from Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC.

Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC provides a variety of services including package alternatives described below. We require 50% down payment and 50% upon completion. We also offer group rates and individual services rates.

Prices are competitive with other production houses who offer videographer and editing services. What sets Top Prospect Video Productions apart is our many years of service on the diamonds along with over 30 years of production experience. Our focus is “college recruitment videos for the serious high school athlete”.

Check out our competitive prices by clicking on your sport below:

Dale with MLB Players
Dale videotapes MLB Players at Arizona RBI Clinic

Baseball or Softball
Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Lacrosse
For other sports please call 602.525.1455 for a quote

Tribute Video – Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC offers tribute videos for teams or individuals celebrating their season or special occasion. We’ll use your still photos and home videos from throughout the season to capture the sights and sounds that make every year unique. Add $150 per hour to package price if you choose to have our professional videographers shoot a game or occasion.

$699 Package (5-10 Minutes) or $1,199 Package (10-20 Minutes) includes:

  • – Photos (max of 100 for 5-10 mins/max 250 for 10-20 mins) on Thumb Drive, CD or SD Card provided by client
  • – Game footage (External Drive, Video Transfer (Google Drive/Dropbox), DVD, Video CD or SD Card) provided by client with Shot Sheet
  • – Basic editing, graphics, and music
  • – Includes slow motion, arrow indicators, and replay effects
  • – Includes game statistics (if available) and scores
  • – Includes a download link to be distributed at your discretion.

A la Carte

  • – Videography (not related to package): $175 per hour/game
  • – Editing (not related to package): $115 per hour
  • – Additional Videotaping Beyond Packages: $150 per game
  • – Additional Editing Beyond Packages: $95 per hour
  • – Video Format Conversion: $45 per hour
  • – SD Card (if given to client): $20
  • – 50 Business Cards with Video Scan on Back of Card: $105

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Other Services (Call for quote)

  • Pre-Production
    • Script Writing
    • Script Blocking
    • Location Scouting
    • Create Itinerary/Shot List
  • Videotape Game – SD card to customer
  • Videotape Game/Edit Game (No Skills Video)
  • Edit Skills Video – Customer Provides Video
    • Base Price if Customer Selects Shots
    • Extra Cost if TPVP Scans Video and Selects Shots
  • Video Transfer (Home movies, etc.) to External Drive (Thumb Drive)
Dale Meet MLB Players
(L-R) Gerald Laird, Mike Remlinger, Larry Miller, Chris Capuono, Stephen Fife, Josh Barfield

The Fine Print

In the interest of full disclosure, Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC has taken itself out of the organizing loop, and leave all the procurement of the field, equipment, personnel, entry fee for TPVP video crew etc. to the party or organization interested in the videos.

Additionally, a video, injury, and general release must be signed prior to filming. Release form can be found under the “Forms” tab.

Official Copyright and Content Use Policy by Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC: We do not and cannot use any copyrighted music for any video we produce. Also, any and all photography and or videography produced by any third party other than the parents or athlete, must be accompanied by a letter/email of permission sent to Top Prospect Video Productions, LLC by the client/producer in order for us to use on any client video. We apologize for any inconvenience, but our policy protects both our clients and our company. Thank you for understanding.

Standard Turnaround time for a Recruitment Video is 2-3 weeks after the final footage is received. If a quicker turnaround is needed, rush fees of 25-50% may apply, depending on when the recruitment video is needed.